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Balat Estetik Is number one in France, US, Canada, And Whole Europe Balat Estetik Has A Variety Of Beauty Solutions Comes With The Best Combination Of Best Price And Highest Quality.

Balat Estetik is an international healthcare organization that has it’s own Hospital and Hotel for customer convenience, Our center in located in the HEART of turkey in Yesilkoy which is one of the most popular and well known territories in turkey that has done HUNDREDS OF THAWTHANDS OF PLASTIC SURGERIES, In addition to that Balat Estetik is well known with the warm welcoming from the first time you hit the airport we provide you a transportation to our hotel which is 2 mins from our hospital, So 100% convenience and LUXURY, We believe that we are the best as we provide the highest quality with the most affordable price plus that our agents will be with you to make your stay much easier,


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For your convenience, we use the latest technology in the market to get you the best results


We have done plastic surgeries over the last 30 years with an outstanding results

Our Hotel

Our Hotel is 2 mins on foot away from our hospital so you don't waste any time moving from here to there


Alongside using the latest technology we are using LUXURY materials in every single step


You welcome you at the airport to our hotel with our VIP Fleet alongside the contentious follow up from our councilors team

Our Hospital

We actually OWN our hospital so we don't do like any other providers get our patients from an outsourcing org so 100% GUARANTEED cheaper


 Simply the labor in Turkey is much cheaper than it is in EUROP & USA so what makes turkey a pioneer in this field, Balat Estetic in Turkey offers the best option for plastic surgeries. With the presence of excellence ,

and a combination of the latest technologies, Balat Estetic has exceeded all expectations and provided all luxury services aiming for satisfaction and successful experiences.

Get detailed information about plastic surgeries from one of our counselors in Turkey and let us develop a free treatment plan specific to your need now.

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For your convenience we are available 24 hours a day our councilors will be happy to assist you with all the information that you might need and follow up with you, And when you are here they will be available at the hospital for you and after your treatment as well. FEEL FREE TO DROP US A LINE

Plastic Surgery

With Latest Technology
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominal Stretching
  • Brazilian Butt
  • List Item

Dental Estetik

With Latest Technology
  • Dental Implant
  • Laminate Veneer
  • Porcelain Coating
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth Tightening

Hair Implant

With Latest Technology
  • DHI Method
  • FUE Method
  • Sapphire Method
  • 2000 Grafts
  • 5000 Grafts