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What is Hair Transplant?

Basically there is more than one method to have hair transplantation and that like the following FUE, DHI AND sapphire hair transplantation and Balat Estetik is an expert in all hair transplantation methods we do that hundreds of times on a daily basis in our hospital.

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We use the latest technology in the world to get you the best results that you are waiting for check our Before and After Pics for more info.

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We use all Hair transplant methods and the latest and greatest in the whole world to get you the best results.
FUE Hair Transplantation
Sapphire Hair Transplantation
DHI Hair Transplantation
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We use multiple techniques for hair implant with our experienced doctors that have done this tens of times on a daily basis for the past 30 years 

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We provide all kinds of hair transplants to get you the needed results

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Individual hair follicles are removed directly from your scalp. During FUE, a surgeon manually cuts a series of canals in your scalp to insert the hair follicles.


The DHI technique allows surgeons to make these incisions and implant hair at the same time

Women Hair Transplant

Balat Estetik provides Women’s hair transplant as well, So we can have their hair fixed and get it to grow again.

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Getting you in shape with full hair is our main life mission
I would like to thank Balat Estetik for the great efforts they have done for me and being professionals And their warm welcoming getting my hair fixed in a smooth way, Would like to thank my counselor that who has been for me all the time translating and telling me about the hole process
Balat Estetik is a great hospital in turkey that I will defiantly recommend to all of my friends and family to have their hair fixed and for all other services they provide, After what I saw of warm welcoming and amazing technology and professional doctors.

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