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Balat Estetik is an international healthcare organization that has it’s own Hospital and Hotel for customer convenience, Our center in located in the HEART of turkey in Yesilkoy which is one of the most popular and well-known territories in turkey that has done TENS OF THAWTHANDS OF PLASTIC SURGERIES Including dental esthetic surgeries

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Balatestetik uses the latest technology in the market to deliver the best results

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Our doctors has up to 30 years experince in the plastic surgery fields so you be 100% satisfied about the RESULTS


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Contact us now and get a reply in your language from one of our counselors who natively speak more than 10 LANGUAGES and get an instant reply to your query

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Balat Estetik one of the leading in the industry of dental implantation located in turkey and welcoming ALL of it’s clients from all over the world as we appreciate your smile so we our life mission is to make your smile better with HIGHEST Luxury Technology with a reasonable prices and a warm welcoming since you reach turkey’s airport till our hotel then our Hospital that is 2 mins away from the hotel on foot for your convenience. 

Our doctors will provide you a FREE Consultation before you come to turkey to determine everything from implementation and the needed information and our councilors will be around in your journey to Turkey

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Experienced Doctors

Our doctors has more than 30 years of Experience in the plastic surgery field

Advance Treatment​

We provide all kind of implants to assure you that we can take care of your case

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Balat Estetik is doing HUNDEREDS of plastic surgeries on a weekly basis so we achieve the aimed results

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We are fully equipped with the latest technology to provide you the best

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We Have All Your Dental Needs Covered
Dental Implant

Dental implant is medical product which is inserted into the jaw bone or skull bones by surgical application

Laminate Veneer

Zirconium crowns and metal supported porcelain crowns, are two kinds of crowns that help you smile better

Porcelain Coating​

Hollywood smile involves placing dental crowns on all teeth, Or at least on all visible teeth in both jaws, which means up to and including premolars.

Teeth Whitening

Four implants are used to replace an upper or lower set of teeth, these four implants serve as a support system for a new set of fixed teeth to be placed.

Teeth Tightening

To plan an implant virtually and then accurately place an implant in the safest predictable, and efficient manner. In addition to increased accuracy

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Hi this is kerem I want to let you know that i had the best dental care that i have had in my entire life because Balat estetik has been there for me since the day i came to turkey and with the doctors consultation and everything and the result is an amazing Hollywood Smile Thanks Balat Estetic
First thing i would like to thank Balat Estetic for the OUTSTNDING performance and the outcome was amazing i am more than just satisfied, Will always recommend Balat Estetic to Friends and family and every single time that i show a smile because they are the reason for that


Yeşilköy, Blok: B, İstanbul Wow Hotel, 34149 Bakırköy/İstanbul


+90 (544) 455 46 14